Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Guidelines

Being an editor, he/she should do their obligations with much devotion to improve the spirit of the journal. It is appropriate to supervise the journal strategies time to time and improving the publisher in keeping up the journal's quality towards serving established researchers.

Rules to be pursued

  • To improve the methods for journal forms, the editor has to look effectively for the perspectives on editorial board individuals, reviewers, authors
  • Empower research into peer audit, innovative advances and re-evaluate journal forms in the light of new disclosures
  • Article submitted for peer audit is an honored correspondence that ought to be treated in certainty, taking consideration to protect the authors and work
  • An official conclusion regarding acknowledgment, adjustment and dismissal of an original manuscript rests just with the editor. There will be no progressions or obstruction of any kind in the choices of the Editorial Board.
  • Editors ought to guarantee that every one of the articles are published by concerning the extent of the journal dependent on pertinence, respectability, logical quality, new information sources, potential intrigue, culmination, clearness and morals.

To join as Editor drop your resume at “Online Portal” or send it as attachment to support@springfieldpublishers.com

Advantages as an Editor

  • Following one year of proper method, Editor-in-Chief will be reported for each journal dependent on their dynamic support, mastery in the field, commitment towards the Journal and furthermore their commitments.
  • We explore every one of the articles of the Editors that are published in our journals, in different long-range interpersonal communication bunches from our end, expanding perceivability for their works.
  • Editors can be recognized as senior editor in the concerned journal dependent on their dynamic interest and furthermore dependent on their experience.