Paper and electronic copies are an outstanding path to distribute and organize your study with partners at symposiums, with associates in your area, or for use in discourses or classes with learners. Once you have got the last page numbers, you can directly request efficiently printed color copies of your manuscript through completing the copies order form.

We are providing our authors with PDF copies of their manuscripts at an affordable cost. When you access your PDF copies please follow the confirming your page numbers. Please note that the minimum order quantity is 50 copies.

We are offering reprints in two formats:

E-print: Electronic copies of article in PDF format and E-prints must be requested in numbers of at least 60. E-prints are print-approved and allow to use as a document purpose.

Hard Copy: our journal delivers reprints with superior value & expressly created covers by the journal name & symbol on every page. Additionally, we provide customization option for cover Picture. Manuscript reprints from our papers are an excellent way to instruct your audience and boost your product message. Use our substance to give a useful and respected resource directly to your audience

We provide two types of reprints:

Hard-copy reprints-Copies of original journal articles and book chapters will be printed on high-quality paper. Reprints must be ordered in quantities of at least 50-100.

Electronic reprints E-prints are highly encrypted, electronic copies of works in PDF format that you can easily print yourself, distribute via email, will be post on our website.

Both formats may be created with official journal covers, company logos, copyrights to the author (subject to approval).

How to order reprints or a copy of the issue in which your article appears?

For most broadcast journals, you can order reprints and issue copies via the Author’s authorization using the licensing link sent to you at the start of the production process. If this is not the case, the procedure will be outlined on the journal website. If the journal is online-only, print copies of issues are not available.

Paper reprints order form

Paper reprints are an outstanding way to distribute and publicize your research: with peers at conferences, with colleagues in your field, or for use in lectures or lessons with students. Once you have received the final page numbers, you can order professionally printed color copies of your article by completing the reprints order form.

Our paper reprints include:

  • the unique logo and front cover page of the issue your article appeared in (it is also possible to request the inside front or inside back cover if you prefer)
  • International delivery by courier
  • We supply our authors with PDF reprints of their articles free of charge. To access your PDF reprints please follow the link in the email we sent you confirming your page numbers. If you would like to obtain printed reprints of your article, please complete the form on this page once you have received the final page numbers for your article.

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