Open Access [OA] is a system by which an authors’s innovative research outputs can be shared with the world without any barriers,to reduce or remove copying or reuse by applying an open license for copyright. The unrestricted distribution of research is especially important for authors, readers and funders.

Open access journals will be preferred by highly experienced researchers and authors who want their work to be accessible easily throughout the world.

Open Access journals only accept authentic, fresh articles and follow a strict plagiarism policy that ensures that the submitted articles and papers have 100% unique content. Based on the results generated by the Plagiarism Tool, if the content is original, only then the manuscript ID is sent to the author.Manuscripts will be sent back to the author for revision, if it found that the content is plagiarized over 30%. Beyond that, if the score still remain above 30%, then manuscript will be rejected for publication.

The best advantage of OA is that it increases the visibility and use of academic research results. The received manuscript with go through the peer review system and a detailed point-by-point review will be built andassigned to highly qualified editors (Peer Review Process), who will then re-sharetheerrors to author for modifications and as soon as a revised script is received it will be sent to theeditor again, after the acceptance of an editor, the manuscript undergoes galley proof and then publication.

Springfield Publishers follows double blinded peer review process in which the identities of the author(s) and referees are both hidden, making it easier for reviewers to focus on the paper and not discriminate agaisnt the author or his intitution.Peer review is the technique used to evaluate the quality of a manuscript before it is published.

When a manuscript is submitted to a journal, it is evaluated to see if it meets the criteria for submission. If it does, the article will be assigned to peer reviewers within that field of research, then as per our reviewers’ guidance, authors will modify their manuscripts and submit a revised version, then the revised manuscript will undergo further process of galley proof and later publication.

Forour journal the publishing procedure starts with the plagiarism check, then proceeds towards the peer review process where a number of articles are processed electronically through the review process. The whole process may be completed within a 15-20 day time frame. Moreover, authors have the option to track the status their articles through the article tracker provided here

Drop any type of manuscripts with all your corresponding author details to any of our magazines by the electronic submission method. If you’re facing any difficulty to submit your article online, you can send it via email to this ID info@springfieldpublishers.com and we will forward it to concerned department.

Plagiarism is copying another person's content or ideas and passing the copied material as your own work. You must both delineate (i.e., separate and identity) the copied text from your script and give credit to (i.e., cite the source) the source of the copied text to avoid allegations of plagiarism.

Plagiarism is stealing one’s idea and publishing the stolen thing in another’s name. But these days people are simply taking one’s idea and interpreting in their own perspective. It is a good practice of developing our own eloquence. But it will not help is for the long time. We can't neglect the effect of copyright in plagiarism.

Plagiarism is a significant problem today. It is not a good back-links source. Plagiarism checker tool is a double-edged sword, but should you handle it the correct way or it can wind up serving you. Because of the internet enabling effortless plagiarism, it has become considerably harder to stop it. At Springfield we strictly follow the plagiarism policy to reduce or avoid reuse of data to encourage our author’s authentic work throughout the world, Springfield only accepts articles with over 75% of unique content.

We have many journals that cater to various fields related to research. We accept papers within the scope of these journals, and intimate you when we can or cannot accept articles, based entirely on the scope of publishing. Browse through our vast ocean of knowledge, and see if your field is covered in any of our journals. Once you pick out the journal related to your research project, go through the classification of that journals because it will help to get more information as well as knew the topics under that journal.

Springfield Publishers is the best platform to cite your research, because we accept only high standard articles which consist of 75% or more unique content. Also, we strictly followthe double blinded peer review process to maintain quality publication. After an acceptance isreceived from our editor, we will proceed further along thepublication process. Also, we provide full text for free as soon as the article gets publishedand provide DOI number.

Benefits of publication in our journal
Immediacy: Our employees respond promptly to our eminent authors and update article status swiftly.
Impact and Citations: Articles will be shared on social networks like Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger and so on.
Publishing Costs: Springfield charges reasonable costs towards publication.

Yes, for your convenience we have established instructions and templates to help you format of your manuscript. Information about the preferred format for the individual type of articles can be found onthejournal’s home page.

Researchers publishing in many of our fully open access “Springfield Publishers” journals are authorized to apply for a complete or best partial agreement of the fees if they are based in nations classified as ‘Low-Income Countries’ or ‘Lower-Middle-Income Countries’. To learn more about Article Publishing Charges please click here.

Various academies offer endowments to their scholars to cover publication fees as a grant. Nonpartisan scholars requesting permits for magazine from outdoor associations can be assured of our full support and cooperation in applying for any funds.

We also provide membership (hear give a link of membership) offers to authors, universities and outdoor researchers. Associates of contributing universities will be able to publish their articles with “Springfield Publishers” minus fees for the duration of the membership plan. Moreover, our journal provides full waivers based on hardship states.