Video Articles

Video Articles

Our video manuscripts contain with high-quality photos and complete text procedures which facilitate scientific communicating and production. This covers novel procedures, advanced presentation of existing techniques. Throughout the earth, investigators use our videos as a point of reference in learning and recognizing key models and essential techniques. Video is a strong way to publicize research conclusions, and they have proven effect on manuscript handling metrics.

Videos are designed to improving your profile and that of your efforts. Through this television, you can go beyond the limits of the written article to personally explain the importance and value of your work to the journal’s consultation.

Video articles should boost a person who reads recognition and knowledge of an item through accessibility and contributing performance of the main results and decisions reported. To rise image and effect, you are clearly motivated to combine tape of yourself with other related material of interest-such as pictures, cartoons, video recording of a research or a laboratory tour.

That requires videotapes are the best filmic aid for education. They generate more action through making sheet long data seem to be interesting and associated. Attaching a video to your article it enhances the reading capability of users.

In What Manner to use video to publicize your examination?

You can add videos in nearly all your manuscripts for promotion efforts.

  • Allocate it on your community channels
  • Add it on your own website magazine details
  • Explain it in your research centers as PPTs
  • Utilize it in seminars
  • Send it to your students for more recognition

Services presents a qualified Video Design service that turns your results into a charming and accessible overview, perfect for sharing on websites and social media to extend the visibility of your examination.

Hear our Magazines brings world latest idea of accessible video journal of study work at very ease and cost useful way. We are distribute deep evaluated open access electronic video journals in diverse fields of science, machinery, health, paintings, humanities and administration.

Hear our journals gives a very develop proposal for scientists to make their research live and represent investigational image to the people. this helps to explain the work with their live shoot to all interview. By making this type of videos authors get the rapid experience among their research areas within short time.

How to submit our video article?

Subject of an Article: Author must submit their article on submission page with the content like Title, affiliation, body of the manuscript and references including with video.

After successful dropping of your video

Author gets a verification email of successful submission of your video manuscript. Author can also trace any time to verify the progress of your article by our Tracking Procedure.

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